Coaching & Mentoring


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I loved this course. It is clear and concise with many many tips and tools. Awesome job! ~Beth~

    – Contents –

  • Introduction to your Course

  • What is coaching?

  • What is mentoring?

  • Coaching in the Workplace

  • The Values of Coaching

  • Important Principles of Coaching

  • Qualities of a Great Coach

  • Vision Statements

  • Key Skills for Coaching

  • The Coaching Relationship

  • Beliefs and Behaviour

  • When is coaching needed?

  • The Coaching Process

  • Giving Feedback

  • Process Tools

  • The Mentoring Process

  • Mentoring Across Generations

  • – Outcome –

  • At the end of this course learners will have a clear understanding of coaching and mentoring, including what is needed to become a great coach or mentor, and the benefits related to the individual and the company of each.