Emotional Intelligence for Managers


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Emotional Intelligence is definitely one of those topics that we all need to do. This course has given me alternative ways to view and think about life. Is it even possible to feel that you have grown up overnight? Thank you guys, a good job! ~Sihle~

    – Contents –

  • Introduction to your Course

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • The Two Pillars of EQ

  • Studies Exploring Emotional Intelligence

  • How EI Shows Up in the Workplace

  • EI - An Assessment Instrument

  • Finding Our Balance and Continued Motivation

  • The Top De-Stressors

  • Understanding Your Own Management Style

  • Understanding People

  • – Outcome –

  • At the end of this course learners will have a clear understanding of the role of emotions in communication, resilience, and management.