Managing Millennials and Generation Z


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Just wow! Everybody MUST do this course! It is easy to work through and just makes you understand that there are so many ways to get the best out of your team. I also really like the variation and pace of the course. Many of the courses I did are either just video or just text and this one has such a variety of presentation methods. Lekka man! ~Francois~

    – Contents –

  • Introduction to your Course

  • Generational Differences in Context

  • The Power of Five Generations

  • Importance of Leading the Youth

  • Gen Z, Y, X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists

  • Recognising Strengths and Challanges

  • Motivating Younger Generations

  • The Conscious and Unconscious Learning Matrix

  • Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats

  • How to Tap into the Energy of the Youth

  • – Outcome –

  • At the end of this workshop learners will have a better understanding of Millennials and Gen Z and their approach to the workplace enabling better strategic approaches to productivity.