Conflict and Diversity


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Oh wow! Why don't they teach this stuff in school? I have spent half of my adult life trying to understand where I am going wrong and all I needed were the tools to make conversations easier. This course is for everyone! ~Nosipho~

    – Contents –

  • Introduction to your Course

  • What is Diversity? How is a Culture Formed? What Sustains ä Culture of Behaviour?

  • The Psychology of Belief Systems

  • Can we Continue to Challenge and Shape our Perceptions as Adults?

  • The Role of the Media in South African Politics

  • Issues of Conflict and Cooperation, Power and Privilege

  • Understanding the Common Trigger Points

  • Five Conflict Managing Modes

  • Recognising the Strength of Diversity

  • Culture and Etiquette From Around the World

  • – Outcome –

  • This workshop is geared towards sensitising staff to all aspects of diversity. The aim is to have the delegates interactively gain an understanding of the power of perception – both theirs and that of their clients - and explore resultant misunderstandings. They will be equipped with the tools they require in order to diffuse problematic situations in the interest of minimising conflict and maximising resolution