Harassment in the Workplace


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We put our entire company through this course and they all completed on time which is the first time ever that we achieved that with an online course. The feedback was all good, but the top 3 winners for our team were: 1. The variation of presentation in the course is good 2. The quizzes make it interactive and fun 3. The content is extremely relevant and up to date. ~Chantelle~

– Outcome –

This course is based on the Draft Code of Good Practice on the Prevention and Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work.

Learners will gain a clear understanding of what behaviors are indeed classified unwanted and when these can be considered as harassment. How to deal with harassment not only in the context of gender ethics, but inclusive of all of our human rights including diversity challenges and even individual differences of opinion. We address the potential causes and consequences to individual and company, and the potential resolutions and cures.

Harassment lawsuits are costly and organisations that have regular awareness training are less likely to be in a position of having to defend their actions and decisions. The Draft Code of Good Practice is looking to make this kind of regular awareness training a company requirement for all staff.